Swipe – Shave Your Mirror, Not You!

Lazy to mob your mirror every morning because of the mirror steamed up? Well, here is a new method to clean your mirror with Swipe, a little handy tool with a razor shape.

Swipe! Mirror Shaver

Swipe! Mirror Shaver

“This handy little razor has a squeegee instead of a blade, so swipe it across your misty mirror and check out that marvelous mug.

Swipe is designed to look like a razor but has the effectiveness of a squeegee, it also won’t look out of place on the bathroon shelf.

Stick it up when you’re done – it comes with a strong double suction cup that’ll cling to both mirror and tile. Swipe! “

Although lazy, you may find this gadget fun to use and easy to store. At least you won’t whinning every morning when your mirror is blurred! Only for £4.99 to get one at Lazyboneuk.

Remember, It is a tool to shave your mirror, not you. 😉

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