Eco-friendly Furnitures: Using Dry Leaves and Twigs

What do you think about a chair or desk that made of useless stuffs in forest such as dry leaves, twigs, and barks?

If you are money minded, you might think it’s a great idea because it turns rubbish into gold! But if you are an eco-lover, you will love these furniture from NaturesCast since all of them are 100% from those materials (twigs, dead leaves, bark).

NaturesCast Furniture Collection

NaturesCast Furniture Collection

All of the material is collected from Compostela forest in Cebu City. Since there are bunch of them, Catherine the co-owner of NaturesCast squeeze her head to think out a plan to turn the garbage into gold. And thanks to her effort together with her partner Pete, they found idea that turn them into a cool looking, yet eco-friendly furniture and home decors.

(via iGreenSpot)

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