Hi-LIGHTer: Philips Lamp Inside

A smart soul at Designnet, Alexander Lyapunov design a great glowing lamp, out of our simple office highlighter/marker. The name is also unique since it use the false call of Highlighter into Hi-LIGHTer!

Hi-LIGHTer concept - Is it a marker?

Hi-LIGHTer concept - Is it a marker?

You may have felt boring everyday since you need to face the same view and scenery again and again. So, it’s a good moves to cheer up our days with some thing nice to see like this Hi-LIGHTer.

“The Lighter, which is still in production getting it’s kinks worked out, closely resembles a hi-light marker that is used to hi-light text, however the Lighter which is lit up by a Phillips fluorescent bulb, will create a nice glow around your office while you work or are sitting in an office meeting. Available in the same hi-lighter colors of green, yellow and blue.”

— by Ansley Berrones | YankoDesign

No, it's not a marker, but a Hi-LIGHTer!

No, it's not a marker, it's a Hi-LIGHTer!

Oh nice, the glows is so peaceful and meditative. Might be a good illumination if you want to use it for meditation. 😉

(via YankoDesign)

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