Laser Beam Music Generator – New way to Play Music

Laser Beam Music Generator combines a patented algorithm with a suite of 64 musical sequences including MIDI, WAV, and sampled instrument files synchronized to a digital metronome.

Sequences are assigned to any of the six beams using one of the 30 included original compositions. Your hand movements control the tempo of each sequence yet the device automatically eliminates discordant chords and sour notes for flawless performances.

Keeping your hand in-place plays a beams entire sequence. When you remove your hand from a beam, the beams sequence stops.

Laser Beam Music Generator

Laser Beam Music Generator

The button on the generator allow you to assign different instruments to beams while you are playing. The 30 original compositions bundled into the included software span a range of 19 musical genres, including jazz, bluegrass, rock, and reggae (the classical genre assigns the cello, violin, woodwinds, harpsichord, tympani, and french horns to the six lasers).

Your performances can be saved for immediate playback, and additional compositions are available for download.

The following video illustrate how to play with the laser beam to produce a nice compositions of sounds and effects:

Available at Hammacher for $399.95. Interested to get one?

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