Lexar FireFly Flash Drive – New Capacity of 16GB

Lexar Popular FireFly Thumb Drives have a new capacity option now. In the past, Lexar largest capacity only 4GB. Due to the increasing of data storage demand, now Lexar FireFly Thumb drive also available on the 16GB Largest Memory storage to store your precious data.

Lexar FireFly 16GB Flash Drives

Lexar FireFly 16GB Flash Drives

“It is outfitted with a keychain hole for portability and features a protective cap and blue LED tail that blinks during data transfers. It also comes pre-loaded with a free 30-day trial of Dmailer V7 software, which enables you to backup and synchronize files, including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.”

— by Nino Marchetti | SlipperyBrick

The color of the FireFly 16GB Flash drive is in red, substituting the their oldest 256MB flash drive which is slowly losing their demand on the market. Soon, you will be able to get Lexar 16GB FireFly Flash Drive for around $100 via Lexar’s official site.


(Lexar via SlipperyBrick)

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