Sony S-Airplay – Cool iPod Docking System

Another wireless technology on the show by Sony Corp. The previous Mitsubishi Wireless HDTV has already had a mind blowing feature of HWDI. Now Sony comes with their S-AirPlay, which uses wireless technolgy to blow another music freak to the sky~!

Sony S-AirPlay iPod Docking System

Sony S-AirPlay iPod Docking System

How mind blowing? You see, you only need one Sony S-Airplay to control up to 10 of your wireless speakers to tune the same music as your iPod do through S-Airplay. Ten Speakers could have done a serious damage in neighborhood if you set them to the Max! 😉

Sony S-Airplay adopted a new feature called S-Air technology, which provides a practical wireless multi-room solution without sophisticated installation. The wireless range of Sony S-AirPlay is up to 164 Feet length, enough to transmit to the every corner of your house.

Each room one speaker, all tune your favorite songs and music, no matter where you go, you’ll hear them without holding any device! Oh, that’s soo nice!

(Akhabaranews via Geeky Gadget)

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