Super Thin Mitsubishi Living Fit HDTV With Wireless Technology

The latest home entertainment technology that elevate wireless technology is HWDI, or Wireless Home Digital Interface which promises a wireless High Definition output from wireless transmission.

The recent Mitsubishi HDTV Product, the Living Fit HDTV is the first HDTV that takes full control over the HWDI technology.

Mitsubishi Living Fit HDTV with HWDI Technology

Mitsubishi Living Fit HDTV with HWDI Technology

“This means that if all your other TVs are WHDI-enabled and are within 100 feet of the receiver box, uncompressed HD video will stream automatically, bypassing physical barriers like walls and furniture.

The second main feature is that the wireless gets rid of the mess of cables completely — plug in your TiVo or another media player to the box, put them in the closet and let the feed take care itself.

While the 1920 x 1080p (full HD resolution) TV is expected to come out in Japan at first, expect to see it in the U.S. by next year.”

— by Jose Fermoso | WIRED Blog

Super Thin HDTV - Mitsubishi Living Fit

Super Thin HDTV - Mitsubishi Living Fit

In the past, 1 receiver for one TV. Two TV? then you’ll need another receiver box which mean another money to spend. But with this HWDI technology, you can save more money from another receiver box and at the same time HWDI free your home from cable hassles, which mean for more asthetics view for your entertainment spot. Oh yeah! 😉


(WIRED Blog via Unplggd)

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