Helius Solar BackPack – Charge Gadgets on the Go!

Charging Device using Solar Energy is the most creative invention of this century. Even a backpack now is equipped with a solar panel so you can charge your electronic stuffs. Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag is one of the bag that could charge 24V device (laptop), while the diva handbag will charge up to 5 small gadgets simultaneously.

Skymall recently featured Helius Solar Backpack, the same concept bag with solar panel attach at the backside to produce energy for your devices. We can say, Helius Solar Backpack is more suitable for a high school student or may be college student rather than a professional.

Charging on-the-Go with Helius Solar Backpack

Charging on-the-Go with Helius Solar Backpack

By using Helius Solar Backpack, you can charge up to 2 gadgets only. Losing to the diva handbag doesn’t mean Helius is useless. I really love this one since I can store my laptop into the spacious roam inside the bag, and some books if I want to.

If I want to charge my laptop, I can get another Laptop Solar Charger to fulfill my needs!

For only $129.99, Helius Solar Backpack is yours!


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  • yes, it looks kinda cool as well. there are a few companies manufacturing these now. handy to charge your devices if you’re away from home

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