Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe – Realistic Floating Globe

Science and Technology is really awesome to be able to create thing  museum quality real air floating globe like the following picture:

Levitron Realistic Mid-Air Floating Globe

Levitron Realistic Mid-Air Floating Globe

It’s a cool 4″ globe that deflect the gravity and set to float in the mid-air without any string attached. In the previous version of floating stuffs, they are required an both bottom and overhead magnetic fields to balance the object so they can float properly in the middle.

But not with this type of oval magnetic field which could hold the globe and balance it with single bottom magnetic field. Unfortunately, Levitron still need a 12V A/C power supply to sustains the stable field of levitation.

The size is pretty compact to fits all type of reading desks and the smooth chromed mirror magnetic base is really beautiful and suitable for desk decor stuff.

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