Bird’s Nest Cell Phone for Beijing 2008 Olympic

There is bunch of design that point to the legendary Biggest bird’s Nest in China. First time I’ve seen and covered the Chair, later on the Astray and Lighter. And… Now is the cellphone that only have the splash design rather than the bird’s nest cell phone design.

Bird's Nest Cell Phone Design

Bird's Nest Cell Phone Design

“The Imobile Phone V284 your standard GSM phone with the phone sports a 2.4 inch screen, bluetooth, a camera, and FM radio and all your standard features. But at $295 there is no reason to really want one unless you are just crazy for everything Olympic.”

— by ChipChick

The olympic has ended today, and the winner’s decided. But it seems the hot for Olympics still continue as the “Beijing 2008 Olympic” related products still keep rolling out from manufacturers sleeve.

Can’t wait to see what weird idea they are going to produce based on the bird’s nest design…

(via ChipChick)

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