Korean’s Celrun Lluon A1 Mini PC

Another Mini PC is going to launch this Mid September from Korean Manufacturer, Celrun. Same as the Shuttle X27 whihc operated with the Intel Atom Processor, Celrun Lluon A1 Mini PC using the same processor, but an large LCD monitor is integrated.

Celrun Lluon A1 Mini Desktop PC

Celrun Lluon A1 Mini Desktop PC

“Running on Intel Atom processor, the LLUON A1 is equipped with dual-OS system(Windows for PC & Linux for IPTV). Adopting a 18.4-inch LCD monitor with 16:9 ratio, it comes with built-in stereo speakers and a microphone.”

— by Grace Won | Aving.net

Celrun Lluon A1 Mini PC is basically a Multimedia Home entertainment PC, not a performance freak for hardcore gamers. Featuring the large LCD, built-in speaker, and a microphone, it’s very suitable for music & movies playback and skype or VOIP chatting.

The design itself is a fused between Apple iMacs and oldie folkie classic laptop design. I find this pretty cool since someone will eventually get bore of the Apple iMac will get another choices of design with a different platform.

Same as Shuttle X27, the price is still unknown. But you may get the price in this September. Just stay tune to this blog if are interested with this Korean Celrun Lluon A1 Mini PC.

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