Now Wiimote Straps are Colorful!

You might have already bore with your pale white wiimote controller which you would hold and play it with your friends and family. Although Nintendo promised a range of colorful wiimote controller, but it seems the still unable to fulfill that promise.

Well, you know… Nowadays gadgets are colorful. Since everyone have their own color favorites and choices, colorful stuffs really eyes catch and sometimes it means an additional fun and mode when hold something in the color we like.

Since the controller still in white color, Nintendo somehow need to do something to “colorize” their controller. So, they launched the colorful Wiimote Straps which is now available for $2.75 a strap and about $9 a pack of them.

Nintendo Wiimote New Colorful Straps

Nintendo Wiimote New Colorful Straps

“Nintendo has made them available in a good range of colours, possibly to make up for the lack of colour for the console! These blue, green, pink and white straps are only available in Japan at the moment.”

— by Gizmodiva

(via Gizmodiva)

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