DirtSurfer FreeStyle – Unique Bike Skateboard

Do you like playing skateboard like Tony Hawk? Or, do you love something new to try? Here is a new riding system, The DirtSurfer FreeStyle, a bike-like skater which is basically faster than any skateboard you’ll riding on.

Actually, it’s a fusing between pedal-less bike and skateboard concept design. Check out these following image:

Dirtsurfer Freestyle

Dirtsurfer Freestyle

You’ll see there are 2 bike wheel attached in this Dirtsurfer freestyle, and you’ll notice the position of the rider is similar to skateboard. It seems you can’t boost your speed like the booster blade. Check out the following video to understand more:

To control speed, the brake is a simple lever-activated disk brake mounted on the rear wheel. Just nudge the brake bar with your leg by leaning towards the rear for progressive, powerful braking.

— by LikeCool

(likecool via 2dayblog)

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