Albatron Tee PC – Mini Netbook Tablet

Albatron Technology recently rolled out a mini tablet PC from their factory named as the Tee PC. Well, it’s not the ‘Tee’ for you Tee-shirt. It’s the ‘Tee’ that similar to ASUS Eee PC.

While the Eee stand for ‘Easy to Learn, Easy to work and easy to play’, Albatron Tee PC might be standing for ‘Touchable, Easy to learn, Easy to work’. Well, who knows! :)

Albatron Tee PC mini size netbook tablet

Albatron Tee PC mini size netbook tablet

This Albatron Tee PC comes with a Windows CE 6.0 System, which pre-installed application such as Wordpad, Media Player, and Internet Explorer. The screen is not big, though… You only can display resolution up to 800 x 480 on the 7-inch touch screen wide LCD.

Other features such as Built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, and Swivel webcam also included.

Albatron Tee PC Netbook Tablet

Albatron Tee PC Netbook Tablet

Albatron Tee PC is operated under 400MHz ARM926 CPU, 128MB NAND flash Memory Storage and 128MB DDR memory. Not something about performance, it’s all about portability.

Any other addition features are the touch pen, earphone jack and internal speakers. Albatron Tee PC can let you play with it for around 11 hours continuously for 1 time charging.

More information available at SlashGear and Albatron.

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