Glossy Shiny Chrome USB Metal Game Pad

What would happen if you get a hold of this glossy shiny chrome USB metalica game pad? No, your heroes in the game won’t be supercharge by mana or magic power! It’s only YOU who will feel special playing with this shiny little gamepad! :)

Glossy Chrome USB Metal Game Pad

Glossy Chrome USB Metal Game Pad

Well, nothing new to a controller since Wiimote has beat out all the crap controllers. Nothing seem to be a good match with Wiimote Nunchuk, not even the God damn PS3 wireless controller! :)

Although this game pad doesn’t comes with a wireless actionable controller, it is a good stuff in its class by providing:

  • 8-way Directional Game Pad
  • Sturdy Body with polish finish for Ultimate PC gaming
  • Rubber Coated “Base” provide greater grip control
  • Powered by USB with 6 feet cables
  • Compatible with PC & Mac platforms

USB Metal Game Pad comes with a nice long cable in case you need to move around often, or it’s a cure if you are a type of person who will get over-excited when playing action games (well, you should get a Wii instead!).

The price and where to get this Glossy Shiny Game Pad is unknown. The only thing we know is this USB Metal game pad is listed at Dream Cheeky page but you’ll need to send them an inquiry to get more information.

You may check for our source over at Coolest Gadget.

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