Star Wars USB Mini Light Saber

Having a great fanatism with Star Wars and love all the goodies? If so, you will immediately fall in ‘love’ with this mini size Star Wars Light Saber!

The light is powered by your USB either from your desktop or Laptop. Just Plug in, and you are ready to saber-crossing with your officemate or play hero’s time to boss-slayer! :)

Mini Star Wars Light Saber

Mini Star Wars Light Saber

The lighting is not completely rely on USB connection. Inside this cool looking mini Star Wars Light Saber, you will find an internal rechargeable battery. Every charge will run for several minutes (or hours may be) and it’s best to use at night since it will looks brighter and realistic with the blue glowing saber.

If you are interested in this toy (Star Wars fanatic, aren’t ya?), you can get it for £24.99 (around $40).

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