Little Lamp – Best Candle Stick Substitution

Do you like a simple to use and handy lamp? Then check out this cool lamp for your D-Cell battery!

The Little Lamp

The Little Lamp - Just a battery & a lamp

Yes, what you need is one single D-Cell battery and you’ll get a cute little like illumination for your room. The lighting won’t be able to bright the entire room, but it can become a nice candle substitution in case you are running out of candle sticks. You won’t need any stand anymore because Little Lamp is using the battery as the stand and at the same time, sucking out the energy to light up the lamp.

One battery is capable of lighting up to 150 hours continuously and the Lifespan of the bulb/lamp will completely die out after 4 replacement of the same size D-Cell batteries. Well, it’s just an ordinary lamp, but it’s ordinarily superb. 😉

(Price: $35 | source: Gearfuse)

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