USB Golf Mouse – Cure Golfer Itch while in Office

Who said that play golf must use a real golf clubs and real grass field and real holes?! Now you can play golf on your desktop with this mouse and mouse pad in a mini size golf equipments and golf green course. You can say it’s a finger exercise gadget rather than backbone twisting sport.

Well, at least you won’t have a fat fingers if you equipped your office desktop with this Golf Mouse and mouse pad.

USB Golf Mouse Pad

USB Golf Mouse Pad


  • Advanced optical technology, high accuracy and reliabilitY
  • 2-button mouse with scroll wheel
  • Plug and play
  • USB interface
  • Dimension: 83 x 83 x 30mm (approx.) (Mouse)
  • Dimension: 30 x 22cm (approx.) (Mouse Pad)
Golf Course Mouse Pad

Golf Course Mouse Pad

Now you can either punching on the mouse or push some balls to the hole when you have a roam time. But watch out for the boss or you’ll be ‘killed’ instantly as soon as the boss spotted you play golf better then him! 😉

This set of USB Golf mouse comes with 1 USB Golf Mouse (obviously), the Golf course Mouse pad, the flag, putter, and 3 golf balls.

Only for $15, this cool stuff for golfer is yours. You can find it at Brando if you wish.

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