Nintendo WiiMote Accessory Pack – 21 Stuffs for 1 Price!

Yihaa! Here is a bunch of exciting tools for your wiimote and nunchuk and you can really show your action to your friends and family now.

21 Nintendo Wiimote Accessories

21 Nintendo Wiimote Accessories

It’s a 21-in-1 Nintendo Wii accessory set, covering the sport tools such as Golf Club, Tennis racket, Baseball Bat, and billiards.

More stuffs like Racing wheel and multi function zapper also included in the package. The 21-in-one set also comes complete with several comfortable hand grip for wiimote, anti-Slip Grips, Colorful hand strips, and so on.

“This amazing set really has everything you’ll need for every transformation possible for both the remote and the nunchuk. You can shoot with the included zapper, play a round of tennis with the tennis racket,shoot a couple of rounds of pool with the billiard cue, hit a curve ball with the baseball bat, drive a circuit with your steering wheel… the list just goes on and on!

Keep throwing the Wii remote across the room, or have it slip out of your hands? Worry no more with the included colour coded wrist straps and any-slip rubber casings. Got your remote all mucky and want to keep it clean? Just stick on one of the remote protectors. Don’t like the cross-hair type main button – turn it into a joystick, with the button size and style of your choice in two seconds flat!

This collection of everything Wii remote and nunchuk accessory oriented is the perfect addition to any Wii set, and will make your Wii the perfect gaming experience!”

— by Boysstuff

Get a firm grip and buy them now for only £15.49 (around $28). 21 stuffs for $28 only?! Now you have to believe this! 😉

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