LG DVD Player DVS450H: Stylish Wall-Mountable DVD Player

LG recently squeezed out a marvelous stylish DVD player code name DVS450H that looks much like an electric stove for me. The interface is glossy and it’s thin and have a transparent DVD cover to see the disc spinning like crazy.

Stylish LG DVD Player DVS450H

Stylish LG DVD Player DVS450H

More interesting feature for this Stylish LG DVD player DVS450H is on the placement and mounting capability. You can either set it up horizontally or vertically, and you can mount this LG DVD player right to your wall like mounting a HDTV.

DVS450H LG DVD player - Mountable vertical position

DVS450H LG DVD player - Mountable vertical position

Oh yeah, this LG DVD player also supporting HDMI connection, which could really become the nice pair for your mount-able HDTV. This LG DVD player can gives your a full HD (High Definition) resolution up to 1080p.

You may also plug your external hard drives, such as Maxtor or the SentrySafe or other USB driven devices to LG DVD Player’s USB port. Out of the connection features, DVS450H can plays up to 8 media format, which are DVD, CD, DivX, Divx HD, Xvid-H, MP3, WMA, and lastly a JPEG photo album.

Like this player? No rushing to the store, please! :)

you won’t find this player before October 2008. It will be available around early October 2008 and the price is set to 1,499 SEK (or $238 USD). Just wait, I’ll announce it when this DVS450H LG DVD Player become available. So stay tune!

(new stylish dvd player from LG electronics via GeekAlerts)

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