Solar Icemaker – elevate Sun to Produce Ice

Solar ice maker? wow, that’s a great stuff. By elevating the power of the mighty sun, you can generate up to 14 lbs ices a day with any additional power source require.

Solar Ice Maker with Sun Power

Solar Ice Maker with Sun Power

“It works like this: the solar icemaker uses a refrigerant liquid that evaporates when exposed to the sun. The vapor travels through pipes that come into contact an absorbent material, which cools when the sun goes down.

Once the slow-cooling absorbent hits 104°F, the refrigerant turns back into a liquid and its temperature drops like a rock to below freezing because of pressure differences. Put some water next to the evaporator’s exterior and, presto, ice.”

This ice maker is sure looking big and the surface is a complete mirror, different with common solar panel. This fabulous since thing is getting more eco-friendly which mean a better future for the next generation. Now we have a icemaker and soon we will have a solar ice-creams maker! That would be my dream machine~! 😉

(Solar IceMaker – via Geekologie)

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