SIMable – Phone Hacking Chip

SIMable? What the heck it that? well, I’m also have no single clue about what is that until my recent discovery at PopGadget.

SIMable is basically a hacking chip to unlock a cell phone. Especially iPhone 3G which only capable of working on AT&T network coverage.

SIMable - Phone Hacking Chip

SIMable - Phone Hacking Chip

Let’s see what Kanchana from PopGadget has to say about SIMable:

SIMable is a thin chip that can be attached to your SIM card to fool your mobile phone into thinking that it has been unlocked.

The price you pay? Apparently around $37, plus a hole that you have to cut out in your SIM card for aligning the SIMable chip. The company even puts to rest your doubts on how to accomplish that by including a free cutting tool with every purchase.

I’m not sure it’s legal or illegal, but hacking stuffs sounds fishy and tend to have a negative impact for our electronic devices. $37 is cheap and this is a good solution if you want your iPhone to work with any networks around your city or unsupported country.

I would consider to have one if it really can help me to get an iPhone 3G to work in my country! 😉

(Is your phone SIMable proof? – via PopGadget)

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