EMS Muscle Mouse – Unique Health Hardware

Here is a good health computer devices which can helps you shape your body, exercise muscle, easy stiffness, and so on. Basically it’s a common looking mouse, but with an additional technology of EMS, this mouse transformed into a good health product for our life.

EMS Muscle Mouse

EMS Muscle Mouse

Being worried about body shape but there is no time for training. ‘EMS Muscle Mouse’ is designed to help such people to exercise, tone up muscles even while using a computer.

Though it shaped as a normal mouse, EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) system powered by USB is built-in in addition to normal mouse functions.

So even while using as a normal mouse, just strap pads on your body and you can get EMS exercise at the same time.

Working in front of computer in a long time often result in backbone hurt and shoulder stiffs. Now with this EMS muscle mouse, you can ease the pain and relieve the stiffness pratically!

There is a mode selection button and a power button to control the EMS behaviour, also you can set the stimulation level using the plus and minus button over the side body of the mouse.

More information & pictures are available at Rare Mono Shop.

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