Retro Alarm clock with MP3

wake up at the morning often a big challenge for most of us. It’s just unbearable to wake up from our nice dream and sleep although the bell has rung again and again!

Because of that, there are several sleep breaker stuffs to ruin our nice morning. Although recently we have the vibration-only alarms, it seems it’s not good enough to welcoming our new day without some tune of good musics.

Well, here is a revolutionized Classic Alarm clock with some additional modern tweak.

Retro Alarm Clock MP3

Retro Alarm Clock MP3

The MP3 Alarm Clock freesyou from the annoying beeps, bleeps and clanging of everyday alarmclocks, allowing you to store your very own personalised ’time to getup’ sounds.

Wake up at your chosen hour to any of the ready loadedsounds on the clock. The fun really starts when you hook it up to yourPC and create your own 45 second clips.

Waking up is hard enough as itis, so it’s imperative that you soften the blow and ensure you haveyour very own favourite dawn chorus to make it that much more bearable.

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(Old School Alarm Clock with MP3 via RGS)

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