Hitachi R-Y6000 Refrigerator – Emit Vitamin C to Keep Food Fresh

A new product has rolled out from Hitachi, a multi-door refrigerator with up to 6 drawers to store and chillin’ your stuffs.

Hitachi Refrigerator with Vitamin C Sprayer

Hitachi Refrigerator with Vitamin C Sprayer

Hitachi R-Y6000 is not only a a huge fridge with multiple drawer and door, it also equipped with a revolutionize food freshness keeper which will emit a sum of vitamin C to the foods.

“Apparently this is possible because Vitamin C helps meat keep it’s color longer and also slows down nutrient loss in vegetables and fish. “

— By Conner Flynn | SlipperyBrick

Wonder how to refill the vitamin C when empty? Squeeze an orange to it or use a vit-C pill?! Oh well, hope there is a refill for it.

Well, If you happen to understand Japanese, go ahead an jump to Hitachi Japanese site about this R-Y6000 to learn more about it.

(Japanese Fridges Spray Vitamin C to keep food fresh via SlipperyBrick)

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