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You see, if you are a bad driver often you’ll bumped your car to the wall or to other car if there is no parking curb in the parking lot. If you don’t want to face that problem, you should have your own portable parking curb which can accompanied you wherever you are.

Here is the heavy-duty home parking curb, a tool to help you save money, and avoid unwanted things such as quarreling with others about the car bumped to each other.

Personal Parking Curb

Personal Parking Curb


  • Parking Made Easy whenever you are
  • Perfectly Positioned – Won’t move when bumped with the car’s wheel
  • Visible at Night – with the Yellow strip and reflective glass
  • 100% recycled Tires with dimension 6″w x 22″l x 4″h

What you need to do is place this 9 pound parking curb in your garage at an appropriate distance from the garage wall. When parking the car, simply pull it in up to the curb and stop.”

— by Mike | Coated

More information available at GreenHead. (Price: $27)

(Bring your own parking curb via Coated)


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