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Maxtor central Axis 1TB Now Available!

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Maxtor Central Axis is a NAS or Network Attached Storage as we have covered in the last few months. A great Network storage system that provides up to 1TB (TerraByte = 1,000 GigaBytes) as your home network backup source.

Maxtor Central Axis 1TB Network Hard Drive Storage Front View

Maxtor Central Axis 1TB Network Hard Drive Storage Front View

Being boomed by the huge storage capacity and networking feature in the last few months, it really make lots of geeks cramping their teeth on what kind of performance and security level it could give us. Now we can actually buy it and test it out! Luckily, you have no need to use your own money to test this Maxtor Central Axis. Chip Chick has done a great job describing this gadget with her Maxtor Central Axis hand-ons review.

Now, it’s depend on you whether you are suitable to this NAS / Network storage or not. If you find this Maxtor Central Axis useful for you, you may get one from Maxtor official site for $290, or you can find the best deal elsewhere. Another one Luckily, ChipChick actually providing the best deal to help you save $53 more from the fixed price. Pretty good, and you can find it at Dell Home for $237.

Alternatively, you may find other selling with the lower price, but not as low as Dell Home. Such as NewEgg is selling for $289.99 and Buy.com for $277.99.

Find the best price on the following stores. However, we will show alternatives when product is not available
(you can also click the link above to find more details)

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