Casio’s Credit Card Size Digital Camera

Having a photo journal is pretty common these days. One of the reason is because of the improving of digital camera in both technology and size. Who would want to miss the opportunity to capture the view of their life events if the digital camera is so small like this Casio Exilim!

Casio Digital Camera - Credit Card Size Camera

Casio Digital Camera - Credit Card Size Camera

It’s only 1/2″ thick and as wide as a credit card. Casio Exilim comes with a great bunch of features, such as:

  • 10 megapixel image sensor
  • Maximum resolution of 3648p x 2736p
  • 3X optical Zoom with image enhancement and cropping
  • 2 3/4″ Wide LCD with bright display
  • Automatically adjust picture settings
  • instant ambient light adjustment
  • anti-shake to reduce blurry images
  • MPEG-4 movie mode
  • Capture up to 30 fps movie (resolution 848 x 480)
  • 12 MB built-in memory
  • SD/MMc slot
  • Built in Flash light
  • etc

I guess you can’t ask for more of a credit card size digicam! :)

This type of Casio Exilim is available at Hammacher, with the price mark set to $249.95. Pretty cheap and you’ll find no difficulty in bringing it around since it’s so small!

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