Q-Car USB Flash Drive – Another Car Shape Flash Drive

We might have growing bored of the mini size USB flash drive, that’s why people start combining other object together to give a better taste to the existing USB flash drive.

Last time we have the luxurious Sport car Lamborghini Shaped Flash Drive. Now, we have the Mr. Bean Q-Car USB Flash drive!

Mini Q-Car USB Flash Drive

Mini Q-Car USB Flash Drive

Out of this small Q-Car, there is a huge Flash drive of 8GB inside. I know it’s smaller that the huge Transcend jetflash which has 64GB in the small size flash drive. But 8GB is not small too!

Depend on your data, you can actually store up to thousands of Songs, 100,000+ pictures and millions of text files!

This Q-Car USB flash Drive is available for $49. Translated into $6 for 1GB. :)

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