Fuel Saver – Save up to 20% Fuel Bill

Since the gas and oil become expensive, you’ll need to find other way to save or even to avoid using petroleum as the main actor of your transportation. There is a fuel saver from Malaysia, which can help you save up to 20% of your fuel!

Fuel Saver - 20% Petrol Bill Saving

Fuel Saver - 20% Petrol Bill Saving


  • Increases horsepower (power booster)
  • Environmental friendly
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Easy engine startup
  • Protects and Prolongs engine parts
  • Maintenance FREE!!!
  • Transferable to your new vehicle
  • Installs in minutes
  • Pays for itself FAST!!!
  • One million Product Liability Insurance!!!
  • Save 10% – 20% Petrol
  • Made in USA
  • Works on all vehicles, models with petrol, diesel, CNG or LPG
  • Increases Engine Power
  • Environmental friendly, reduces pollution
Fuel Saver - How it works

Fuel Saver - How it works

Principle of fuel saving:
When fuel flows through the Fuel Saver, it magnetizes fuel molecules and puts the molecules temporarily into cationic state. Fuel burning in this state is far more efficient and reduces carbon monoxide emission.

Fuel Saver will improve your fuel mileage by an average of 15% and can go up to 20%. The unit will boost up your engine’s performance and lowers carbon build up to prolong engine life.

So, would you like to start saving your money starting from saving your fuel? Get this Fuel Saver for only $45 at ipMart!

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