Sphere Shaped Ice-cream Maker: New Way to Make Ice Cream, Fast!

Although summer has passed, the appetite for licking an ice creams won’t die for a season change (Oke, except for Winter!). Licking ice cream is so enjoyable especially a self-made one. Well, who said making ice cream by yourself will take a long time?

No, you will enjoy your self-made ice creams within minutes with this Ball Ice Cream Maker!

Sphere Shaped Ice Cream Maker

Sphere Shaped Ice Cream Maker

You have no need electricity, and no need of battery to make ice cream. Believe it or not, just read the following tutorial and try it for yourself!

With the unique Play & Freeze™ Ice Cream Maker, you can make ice cream anywhere! Simply add ice and rock salt into the outer chamber and ice cream mix into the inner, then have a ball as you shake it, pass it or roll it!

Who would have thought soft serve ice cream makers could be so much fun! The ice cream forms when you roll the ball around. The consistency of your home made ice cream will depend on the ingredients, the ice and salt mix, the outside temperature and shaking frequency.

If it’s not quite right, pop the lid back on and roll the Ice Cream Ball around for a few more minutes.

Inside of Sphere Ice Cream Maker

Inside of Sphere Ice Cream Maker

Though it looks like a ball, never try to use it as a soccer ball or volley ball and hit/kick it. You’ll break it for sure!

Ball Shaped Ice Cream Maker is now available at Gizoo for £19.95 only.

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