FlashLight Battery: Smart Solution to Flashlighting

This flashlight battery have the similar concept as the Little Lamp, elevating the small battery to light up a LEDs so you can use it to light up your surrounding.

Flashlight Battery using 9V battery block

Flashlight Battery using 9V battery block

We think these three bulb LED flashlights are a fine idea for a diminutive and temporary light source…like one of those keychain lights but x3.

— by UnPlggd | Apartment Therapy

Using 9V battery as the source power to light up 3 extra bright white LEDs. The installation is extremely easy. Just locate the size of each hole and plug it in accordingly, and… your flashlight is ready! :)

Available to purchase for only $8 UrbanOutFitter. You may find out more description at UnPlggd.

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  • itsalljustaride

    How is that “smart”? Because they had the genius idea to use a battery to power LEDs? LED flashlights are readily available at any gas station. Because they use 3 instead of 1? I don’t really see how that’s “smart”. In fact, this seems kind of dumb, since you’d obviously use this in dark lighting conditions, and from the looks of it, there is no off/on switch, meaning you’d need to fumble around to find the thing first, then fumble around trying to get it on right. Contrast that with my little one-button LED I bought from Autozone and I’d say this thing fails hardcore.

  • @itsalljustaride:

    There is an on/off button switch at the other side. this little gadget should be a ‘smart’ solution in some type of emergency situation.

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