HP Big Claims: 24 Hours Continuous Laptop Functionality!

Finally, there is a company that dare to come up front and claims for the glory of 24 hours non-stop computing laptop on a single charge.

HP recently claiming for this feature for there new EliteBook 6930p, which offers 24 hours operation, but with specific requirement! Oh Okay, I know it’s simply impossible to be able to compute 24 hours in the normal setting of our laptop! Not for now, but for the future I guess… But it’s simply a great breakthrough to see this possibility.

HP elitebook 6930p Laptop

HP elitebook 6930p Laptop

HP will going to “force” you to buy a separated Ultra Capacity Battery and download their latest Intel Graphics and BIOS driver. How about ATI or nVidia Graphic Card? It seems there is no word mentioning about them…

Even futher, HP needs you to configure the laptop system with optional Intel 80 GB SSD drive, HP Illumi-lite LED display and the “Windows XP” OS. Notice I said that it’s XP, not Vista.

So, it’s not compatible with Vista? No, It’s compatible. It’s just the requirement to let HP EliteBook 6930p to live for 24 hours of a single charge.

(HP Claim one day of Continuouse laptop functionality via SlipperyBrick)

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