Pinnacle’s Mini USB TV Tuner Revealed

Another Launching by Pinnacle System, a mini size USB TV tuners. You can practically bring your TV show to your computer screen, either for PC system or Mac OS.

Pinnacle Small USB TV Tuner

Pinnacle Small USB TV Tuner

Don’t underestimate this small USB TV tuner. It can tune a High Definition display which make it known as a HD Mini Sticks.

The Pinnacle HD mini Sticks are USB-powered tuners which, in general, let you view and record digital over-the-air TV (ATSC) and unencrypted digital cable TV (ClearQAM) for SDTV and HDTV with resolutions of up to 1080i. One can make use of these devices as PVRs with timeshifting capabilities that enable users to record, pause or rewind live TV. Recordings can be scheduled as well via programming data from an Internet-based guide.

Pinnacle’s small USB TV tuner will hit the store around this month (no specific launching date) for both PC ($120) and Mac ($130), and it also comes with their own respective software for viewing and editing, a mini remote control, a high-gain TV antenna and a cool looking travel bag.

(Pinnacle Small USB TV via SlipperyBrick)


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