Samson 4i StudioDock: Another Advance Docking System for Your iPod

Samson 4i StudioDock has a similar feature to Samson 3i Studiodock, which is a cooler dock than the common iPod Dock that you would find at the market.

Samson StudioDock is not just a mere speakers, it’s a speaker with 40-watt amplifier and rumored to have a low distortion pair of speaker.

If you love a boombastic audio effect for your living room, Samsung StudioDock also could give you that kind of enjoyment. Also, it features a 4.25″ subwoofer, and a 25mm silky dome tweeter for high frequency sounds tuning.

Samson 4i Studiodock USB Stereo Speakers

Samson 4i Studiodock USB Stereo Speakers

If you are looking for an iPod docking solution that’s better than just a pair or little speakers, look no further. The Samsung StudioDock is composed of a pair of monitor speakers that are well-suited for any iPod-enabled music studio. The speakers allow for recording, mixing and mastering as well as docking an iPod for storage and playback.

— by Apartment Therapy

Whether you’re a desktop beatsmith or an insatiable mp3 collector, you need the tools to listen critically.  The Samson StudioDock USB Monitors are well-suited to the iPod-enabled project music studio.

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You can get this Samson 4i StudioDock if you are interested. Find it at and you’ll see the price of $200 listing there.

(Samson 4i StudioDock via UnPlggd and GearCrave)

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