Multi-Nozzle Colacril Linea Shower Panels

If you have some nice sense of humor, you might love this funky shower panels that looks a bit childish, but a fun decoration for your bathroom.

Look! A panda there! I like panda, so I would get that one! How about a sexy lady posse?! Hmm… Looks inviting, but not inviting enough! So don’t do anything silly inside your bathroom with her! 😉

This Multi-Nozzel Colacril Linea Shower Panels is not only about the sum of Nozzles in the panels, but it’s also about the equipped multi-sprays technology that you can control the spray on the additional 7 nozzles.

One thing’s for sure: you’d better have some fat pipes and a substantial water heater to handle the seven extra nozzles of these babies.

— by Dvice

(via Dvice)

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