Sony New PS3 Headset for Online Communication

Sony now allow their gamers to communicate each other within their own piece of hardware, a wireless headset on certain type of game such as the SOCOM: CONFRONTATION.

War field games need to communicate with their team so they can arrange a multiple scenario of defend their base and attack their enemies.

Sony CEJH 15002 Wireless Headset

The code name of this wireless Headset is SONY CEJH-15002, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR connection with noise cancellation and you can use this wireless headset for up to 8 hours non-stop communication. Though I don’t recommend you to play stuff that long (you’ll having a headaches for sure!), Sony CEJH-15002 claimed that you can talk that long.

The range of this bluetooth wireless headset is 10 meters, pretty long for you to stand on the corner of your room while your PS3 is at the other side of the corner. Another fine feature is that you can watch your battery meter on-screen, together with the speaker level and microphone status.

(via Geeky-Gadgets)

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