Bubble Fogger Machine

Halloween is coming soon, less a month and half to get there. So, have you prepare your freaky stuffs to welcoming the holiday?

Okay, if you haven’t, here is one notable gadget that worth your attention.

Bubbles Fogger Machine

Bubbles Fogger Machine

Buble Fogger Machine is, obviously a bubble maker. The distinction? it add up a smoke inside the bubbles so when it burst, it can transform your room to a foggy haunted room!

If you are a regular reader, you might have notice the same gadget that produce non-toxic fog. Bubble Fogger Machine is using the same fog, so you are safe from allergic or other health problem.


  • 200-watt Bubble fogger creates fog-filled bubbles
  • Bubbles release a puff of fog when they burst
  • Great for Halloween
  • Includes half-pint of fog solution
  • Includes half-pint of bubble solution
  • Creates non-staining and non-toxic bubbles
  • Starts producing fog-filled bubbles minutes after being plugged in
  • Machine fits easily on a table
  • Unique addition to any holiday get-together

This interesting fog creator is only $49 to fogitize your space!

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