Cute Cat Paw USB Thumb Drives

Japanese loves cat, so they can’t stop creative stuff related to cat. Now even a thumb drive is using Cat’s Paw to be the cap and the leg pattern as the body of the Flash Drive.

Cat's Paw USB Thumb Drive

Cat Paw USB thumb drive

It’s rather cute, IMHO. Especially when you snap a picture like shown below:

Cat paws on Keyboard!

Cat paws on Keyboard!

Everything-About-Cat Lover is sure not going to miss this stuff as it’s pretty cheap of $61.38 + $12.85 (shipping fee) for the 2GB size option. Cheap?! Oh no kidding here! It might looks not cheap at all for mere peoples but not for cat’s stuff collector.

Right? :)

(found at GeekStuff4U)

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