Apple iPod Nano 4th Generation – Back to Original State

Back to the future? No, It’s back to the past! iPod Nano get another redesign and it’s the 4th time already. In this time, iPod design has going back to the first generation of the Long, slim, and sleek. But not it have a larger capacity of 8 and 16GB, compared with the previous 2 and 4GB.

iPod Nano 4th Generation

iPod Nano 4th Generation

iPod Nano 4G is still a flash-based player but with a better aluminum chassis and scratch resistant glass. It also get a 90 degree rotatable screen similar to iPhone technology.

The most notable change on this 4th generation is the 9 colors selection and the searchable function on songs under the same album or artist name using the playback screen. Last but not least, iPod Nano 4G also get the Shakeable feature like Sansa to shuffle and random picking songs inside your iPod.

(Source: EverythingUSB)

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