Digital Counting Piggy Bank

Here is another piggy bank with digital counting ability. We have covered some Piggy bank that have the same technology. Such as the Nifty Jar and ATM Machine. But this Piggy Bank looks more like a “Piggy” instead of machine driven design bank and more suitable for children.

Piggy Bank with Digital Counting

Piggy Bank with Digital Counting

Featuring an electronic slot and LCD screen that will automatically add the sum up once a coin inserted. And you have no need to use hammer to smash this piggy bank to withdraw your money. It featured a twist-off lid for easy save-and-take for your children.

To bad it only recognize U.S. coins only. It will become a good piggy bank if they can expand the currency recognition.

It only need 2 AAA batteries to work properly. Only for $29.98, you can let your children ka-ching their coins into this cute little piggy bank and no need to count their coins one-by-one anymore.

(Product Page via Coolest-Gadgets)

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