Photographers’ Coffe Mug for Photography Maniac

Being a pro-photographer is not an easy task. Why? because you need to carry heavy suitcase that stuffs with Lens and Camera, and sometimes some more goodies like this Coffee mug to accompany your travel to hunt for the best scenery.

Coffee Mug for PhotoGraphers

Coffee Mug for PhotoGraphers

Wait! Are you kidding?! Such a big mug to carry around?! Well, you know if when you have a big passion on something, such as addicted to holding the lens with your hand, You’ll absolutely love to hold on something that feel similar! This coffee mug featured the exact same design as the camera lens and you are gonna take a sip at the lens lip/cover! Just like what photographers will do with their lens cover.

It’s not rotatable though, just an eyes-candy to cherish those photographers!

It’s either a good mug for better coffee sipping, or a great stylish coffee mug to express the passion on photography!

(Coffee Mug photographers would cherish via CoolBuzz)

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  • cece

    OMG this coffee cup is amazing! I am a fan of photography and coffee this would be a great gift.

    • Indeed, Cece! :) Unfortunately, I can’t find which merchant is selling this stuff. Perhaps it’s just a concept, or maybe handmade by some passionate photographer using their unused lens.

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