Screaming Skull Protective Mask Cover for PS3

Okay, Halloween is on the way to the earth. To welcome the holiday, you should have started to collecting stuffs like the bubbles maker to add up a scary foggy environment, or this screaming skull protective mask as your PS3 cover!

Well, even a PS3 need to celebrate Halloween, huh? Sound fresh, fresh enough to scare your little brother to not touching your PS3! Oh Yeah!

Screaming Skull Mask for PS3 - Halloween Protection for the Glossy Face

Screaming Skull Mask for PS3 - Halloween Protection for the Glossy Face

I know that PS3 already has a great design and glossy surface. And with this Screaming Skull protective mask, it might covered the charismatic PS3 logo and transform it into a skull face who try to escape from the cursed island.

But that’s how you transform yourself when Halloween, right? :)

General Features and Description:

  • PS3 Protective Cover with cool screaming skull design
  • This device slips over the top of your PS3 and protects the glossy surface from getting scratches or smudges
  • It will not leave a sticky residue like a skin, you can take the PS3 Protective Mask off whenever you want
  • But best of all, it has a screaming demon face protruding out of it, personalize your PS3
  • Easy to attach – no assembly required of the PS3 Game Cover
  • PlayStation 3 Protective Mask made of black glossy plastic material
  • This is a generic non-OEM product
  • Dimension: ~275 x 328 x 67mm
  • Weight: 317g

Now, if you are interested, you may find this Screaming Skull Protective Mask for your PS3 for $10.99 only.

(Source: Coolest Gadgets and GamerFront)

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  • Bradley

    i wanna buy this for my ps3 but i cant find it on the web for uk shipment and for a cheap price if anyones got any suggestions for this email with them please thanks.

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