FRED Humidifier – Egg, chocolate or UFO?!

FRED UFO Humidifier

FRED UFO Humidifier

This UFO looking Humidifier looking more like a half pinched egg rather than an UFO. Or may be an M&M’s Chocolate that smokes a steam!

FRED UFO Humidifier - As Colourful as M&M's Chocolate

FRED UFO Humidifier - As Colorful as M&M

It’s pretty big humidifier since it has a 2 gallon water reservoir which can boils up to 2 gallons of water per day and burst the steam out to moist your room.

“FRED is not a wick based humidifier like most on the market. Those use filters to absorb and evaporate water. It’s slower but also a significantly cheaper investment, that is until you realize you have to replace those filters – one of the main reasons why so many of my past humidifiers end up in the closet. FRED is a vaporizer.

The small 2 gallon reservoir is boiled and steam shoots out the fluke. This method eliminates the need for wicks or filters since the act of boiling kills bacteria and removes minerals.”

Though they insisted to claimed it’s a UFO shape (may be because there is a legs there!), I won’t change my mind on it as a cute humidifier gadget rather than the freaky Alien rides!

4 color available, you can have it for $99 each.

(Yanko via Ohgizmo)

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