Moldy Lunch Bag for Food Theft Prevention

Crazy Stuff? Nope. Unique and creative stuff? Absolutely! This Unique Lunch Bag is really clever to disguise your food into something moldy with the green splotches paints.

Moldy Lunch Bag

Moldy Lunch Bag

The good of this lunch bag is nobody would pick your food up although you place it in public area. Even the bummer won’t touch ’em (well, except dogs!). It will make people say “YIKES!” and go away from your food automatically. Very useful lunch bag.

But the downside is, it will subconscious programing your mind that the food in the bag is still fresh and good and it’s only a green splotches on the bag. So, be careful. Make sure to pay a good attention to your food before eating. You really don’t want to eat a real moldy sandwiches or burgers!

(via LikeCool)

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