New Sony OLED Display – 3mm Thick Only!

Believe it or not, It’s here already! 3mm thick Display for either computer LCD monitor or Home entertainment HDTV. Sony has once again show their unbeatable technology by creating their new 3mm thick display unit, using organic light-emitting diodes to display picture through their electroluminescent layer.

Sony 3mm OLED Display LCD

Sony 3mm OLED Display LCD

It will be soon in the market and the first phase is going to be 11″ big only. Well, it’s a great start and hopefully for the upcoming years, you can start enjoying the thinnest display technology, like what you’ve seen in the sci-fi movies.

It’s really a marvelous improvements since the 99mm Thick LCD HDTV. You just see, there will be a thinner than your hair diameter display soon for the upcoming year! :)

(Sony 3mm OLED Display – via DVice)

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