The Sound/Chair: Created after 719 Sounds

Matthew Plummer Fernandez, the one who created this amazing piece of 4D sound wave shape chair claimed that it’s a creation after testing out more than 719 sounds to formed a sound wave that looks like a chair for your peaceful butt resting.

According to Matthew, Sound/Chair is crafted from precise visualization of 3 dimensional object using Volume, time and frequency plot. It’s the exact replication of the sound wave graph, as you can see on the following picture:

Sound/Chair by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Sound/Chair by Matthew Plummer Fernandez

Of course, Matthew can’t design the “exact” sound wave into a chair since the real graph is all torny and sharp! The chair is somehow the smoothed version so you can pick some comfortable seat on this sound/chair.

Sound/Chair is set by Matthew to launch in this September 2008 on London Design Festival with some high price mark or £3950(aroun $7,900).

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  • MP-F

    You are the first journalist to mention the rounded edges! its not just for comfort but also to protect the foam from developing damaged edges. thanks!

    • Thanks for Stopping by Matthew. This chair is an absolutely state of art! Nice design and your hard work really pay off.

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