Lacie 6TB 4-bay RAID Solution Equal to 24TB Monster Storage!

LaCie has launched another killing hard drive, four-bay RAID solution with up to 6TB storage space to rocks your desktop experience! Can you imagine what a 6TB hard drive can store?! Millions of songs, hundred thousands of Games and Applications, Thousands of Pure HD Movies, Oh, you name it!

LaCie 4Big Quadra External Hard Drive

LaCie 4Big Quadra External Hard Drive

Last time we also have the 750GB hard drive from LaCie, but it’s incomparable! The official name is LaCie 4big Quadra Hard drive. The benefits of this large capacity hard drive is on the seven RAID modes, including RAID 0 and RAID 5. The transfer rate can reach up to 200 – 230 MB/s through the external eSATA 3Gbps.

The mind blowing feature is the four bay RAID solution, which allow you to stack up to 4 pieces of 6TB hard drive into a whole new 24TB Monster storage space!

(Price: $1,749 [6TB] | source: SlipperyBrick)

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