HP TouchSmart IQ800 – Do You Wanna Touch?

iPhone popularity, especially the touch screen interface has raid HP, the desktop PC manufacturer to create a new line of Computing PC with touch screen functionality. It’s called TouchSmart IQ800, and not the mean of only people with IQ 800 can play with it! 😉

HP TouchSmart IQ800

HP TouchSmart IQ800

HP TouchSmart IQ800 series is an all-in-one design desktop PC that comes with a whooping 25.5″ screen, or to be exact it’s the Largest “Touch Screen” that available for desktop pc. TouchSmart have their own custom control system to control the system behavior using bare fingers. I’m not sure it’s multi-touchable or not, but it’s not a bad start for HP to get a fresh attention for feature seeker.

The Screen can display resolution up to 1920 x 1200, with full HD 1080p support.

Other than the large touch screen, HP TouchSmart IQ800 has a built-in Blu-ray players and drive in response to the future need. it’s also comes with 3 wireless devices, which is the sleek and cool mouse, remote control and the compact and slim keyboard.

For the keyboard, it have a great illumination feature, illuminate the keyboard in 3 cool colors (red, blue and white). HP TouchSmart IQ800 also allow you to expand your storage space using the HP MediaBay.

It also have the smart power management so you can save up to 45% of the energy compared with other type of desktop PC. According to the source, you will be able to get this HP TouchSmart on this September and price is around a high-end laptop.

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Update:It’s Multi-touchable! Checkout this video:

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