Sounds Lives Magnetic Earphones from Thanko

Tired of the ear plugging earphone? Why don’t you try this new concept of earphone, which use magnetic field to “stick” the earphone on your ears?

Unique Sounds Lives Magnetic Earphones from Thanko

Unique Sounds Lives Magnetic Earphones from Thanko

It’s a great invention of Japanese (yes it’s from Japan again!) at Thanko. They name this cool earphone as “Sound Lives Magnetic Earphones”. Yep, it is the magnet that does the magic on this audio gadget.
You basically just open the two magnetic stone and clip it to your ears. You won’t hurt your ears for long period of usage since the earphone is just resting outside of your ear hole, not stuff into your ears.

Of course, Japanese not only care about making things easier! Thanko also adding some stylish image over the earphone head, such as the Panda, Skull, soccer ball, or the default shape that come in two basic white and black color.

As an optional feature, this earphone also comes with a microphone that fully compatible with VoIP chatting using Skype. Assuming you understand Japanese, head over Thanko and find out more information about this Sound Lives Magnetic Earphones. The price is at 1,980 yen or $19 only.

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